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Your Restorative Partner

Dental Associates Lab is a FULL-SERVICE dental laboratory proudly located in Dayton, OH.  We offer a wide range of services to fit yours and your patient's needs.  Some of the services we offer include crown and bridge, removables, implant restorations, hybrids, and orthodontic appliances.   We utilize the newest technology and quality materials to deliver precise and accurate restoration every time.


We are proud that 95% of all work is done in house by our own qualified technicians.  The other 5% of work is done by US companies that help us fabricate our custom abutments and hybrid bars.   We DO NOT outsource any of our work outside of the United States.

Offering a wide range of all ceramic, porcelain fused to metal and full cast restorations

Offering 3 levels of dentures and partials.  Same day repairs offered for our Greater Dayton clients

Partnering with all implant companies to give you the best options for your restorative needs


Offering wide of appliances from nightguards to mouthgaurds and space maintainers to habit appliances

Fixed Restorations


Utilizing different types of zirconia, we are able to offer your patients the best restoration for their needs.


Removable Restorations

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NOW OFFERING: Lucitone Digital Print Dentures and Partials.


By using various acrylics and denture teeth, we are happy to offer three kinds of full denture restorations; Premium, Classic, and Select.



Atlantis Custom Abutments

Atlantis patient-specific abutments were developed to reduce chair time and recognize the uniqueness of each patient.


Got Questions?

For Fixed & Implant Restorations 


Toni Smith, CDT

Scott Doling, CDT

Brandon Smith, CDT

For Removable Restorations


Toni Smith, CDT

Connect Digitally or Digital Questions


Brandon Smith, CDT

Jake Mumma

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