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Our Story...

Dental Associates Lab is a combination of two prestigious dental labs; Young Dental Lab and Doling & Associates Dental Lab.  Young Dental Lab was established in 1976 while Doling & Associates Dental Lab was established in the 1950s giving Dental Associates Lab more than 45 combined years of

excellent service.  


Toinette Smith, CDT


In 1976 Young Dental Lab was started by Dan Young, CDT.  The lab was located in Vandalia, OH right next door to Amlin Dental. ​ Being next door to Dr. David Amlin, DAn and Toni were able to dial into what doctors want and need from their dental lab. Young Dental Lab started as a two-technician team to a sought-out high-end boutique lab with 7 employees.

In 2009, Dan and Toni decided to expand their growing business even more with the idea of purchasing Doling & Associates Dental Lab. At the time, Doling & Associates Dental Lab was the largest lab in the Dayton area. They specialized in fixed restorations and complex implant cases. They collectively bought Doling & Associates Dental Lab and employed all the technicians from each lab. The merge of the two labs resulted in a new lab, 

Dental Associates Lab.

Unfortunately, Dan passed away in late October of 2021.  He will be greatly missed by not only his employees but by the whole dental community.


Dan Young, CDT

Past Co-Owner

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