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"We have been working with Dental Associates Lab for many of years. They are wonderful to work with. They have so much experience in the dental field, which makes it great when we have to discuss challenging cases. I have yet to come across anything that they can't handle." 

Dr. Matt Neely

Vandalia, OH

​​"I have been working with Dental Associates Lab for many years now. They have been doing great work and really going above and beyond. Everything looks and feels great to the patient. Their work is wonderful and I am always pleased."

Dr. Alex Dolgov

Bourbonnais, IL

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Warranty Policy

Dental Associates Lab, LLC provides dental laboratory services in the belief that such restorations will be useful. Subject to the return of restorations that are placed and then fail, the lab will, in its sole discretion, either repair or replace such restorations without charge for the lab's cost of materials and workmanship of refund the original price paid within the specific time frame listed. Any repairs made are under warranty for NINETY (90) days; denture finishes are ONE (1) year and crown and bridge restorations are also under warranty for ONE (1) year. However, we do honor manufacturer's warranties on certain restorations. Please call us at 937-233-7898 if you have any questions.


Inspection and Acceptance: All restorations and prosthetic appliances shall be delivered to the buyer's right of inspection and rejection. Defective goods not in accordance with the buyer's specifications should be returned at Dental Associates Lab's expense within TEN (10) business days. Fitting the restoration or appliance in a patient's mouth constitutes acceptance.


Effects of Acceptance: Upon acceptance, the buyer is obligated to pay for the appliance in accordance with the agreement. Acceptance places liability for discoverable defects on the dentist.


Remake Policy: Dental Associates Lab, LLC accepts responsibility for the costs of repairing or replacing non-conforming or defective restorations and appliances returned to Dental Associates Lab, LLC within THIRTY (30) days of receipt by the buyer, except under the following circumstances:


•Dental Associates Lab, LLC inquired about the die, margin or impression however the buyer approved and requested completion for the case.

•Dental Associates Lab, LLC requested a try-in, but the buyer declined and asked for a completed case.

•The teeth are re-prepped.

•There is a shade change different from the original request.

•The framework fits the master cast.

•All returned CAD/CAM crowns and bridges will be charged $35/unit Restocking Fee IF the crown fits the original master die.

Payment Terms

Payment: A cumulative bill will be sent to the buyer on or by the first of every month. Payment is due in full ONE (1) MONTH after receiving the previous month's statement.

Late Fees & Interest Rates:  If no payment has been received within the first THIRTY (30) DAYS of the issued statement date, 
a $25 late fee will be applied to your account on the FIRST (1st).   If no payment has been received SIXTY (60) DAYS after the statement was issued, a 3% interest rate will be applied to your account as well as another $25 late fee.

After NINTY (90) DAYS, accounts will be subject to an outside collections agency and any ongoing work will be
put on hold until payment is received. Future work will not be accepted if an account goes to collections.

Forms of Payment:  We accept all major credit cards and checks. 

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