DA Lab will design and mill you a crown effortlessly through digital impressions. 

Currently we accept digital impression from

Cerec, 3m, Align Technologies, and Trios 3shape.  

Adding DA Lab to Your CEREC® Scanner

  • Create or login to your CEREC® Connect account

  • Select “MY CEREC® CONNECT”

  • Type “Dental Associates Lab” in the box for Company Name

  • Click FIND

  • Click ADD to complete the registration

How to send your files:

- Go to portal.3shapecommunicate.com in a web browser 
- Connect with "Dental Associates" by searching "Dental Associates Lab" 
- After connecting to us as a Lab, select "Dental Associates Lab" when sending files

To add Dental Associates Lab

- Call 800-577-8767 today and add "Dental Associates Lab" 

Contact Us
Local: 1-937-233-7898
Toll Free: 1-800-732-9817
Email: Contact@dalabllc.com.com


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3318 Successful Way,

Dayton, OH 45414