Dental Associate’s is proud to offer the CEREC Connect Digital Impression System:


Allows dentists to scan a patient’s mouth and then send a “digital impression” directly to the lab to begin fabrication. Decreases time in lab and patients time without crown.

Digital impressions are catching on more and more with our customers at the lab. Most of the digital impressions we receive are from Sirona CEREC® owners, who would normally use this digital impression system to design and mill a crown, such as IPS e.max® CAD, in their offices.  Although we are seeing more CEREC dentists who want to take advantage of high strength monolithic restorations that cannot be milled in the office, such as BruxZir®Solid Zirconia.  That's where we come in with most of these cases being done 2-3 days in lab with our "no model" restorations.

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