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Dental Associates Lab is a combination of two prestigous dental labs; Young Dental Lab and Doling & Associates Dental Lab.  Young Dental Lab was established in 1976 and Doling & Associates Dental Lab was established in the 1950's giving Dental Associates Lab more than 90 combined years of excellent service.  














In 2009, Dan Young, CDT, owner of Young Dental Lab, decided to expand his practice.  Toni Smith, CDT became Dan's partner and they collectively bought Doling & Associates Dental Lab. They employed all the technicians from Doling & Associates and merged the two labs together, calling the resulting business, Dental Associates Lab LLC. 

Dan Young, President- CDT

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Local: 1-937-233-7898
Toll Free: 1-800-732-9817
Email: Contact@dalabllc.com.com


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